18 year old girl, innocent and small but dirty as can be

"Hi guys my name is Jordan Capri and I am only 18 years old. I like to think of myself as a nice girl, with a dirty side :) Hehehe. Don't be fooled by my innocent look, I can get just as naughty as the other girls when I want to! Some people ask me what my first naughty experience was. That has to be the time I was working the closing shift all by myself! I work at this little coffee shop. It was afterhours, and my boyfriend came in and we started getting really frisky. Well, it wasn't long before I climbed up on the counter on all fours, and told him to get up behind me. Yup, that's right, doggy style on the coffee counter! I had never done anything like that before! I made sure to wipe down the counters afterwards ;) Kisses, Jordan"
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Some more words from Jordan Capri herself:

As you see I am only a small girl. And I always get teased about my height, but my lover doesn't seem to mind. My boyfriends love the fact that they can pick me up and have sex against the wall.. :P

And you also may have noticed I my galleries that I also like girls. In fact meeting my fellow models of Lightspeed introduced me to my first girl/girl experience. I only have two words for that.... Yummy YUMMY!!!

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